Sparkl Box COVID19 Impact Giveaway

Launching a business in the middle of a global pandemic is a strange experience. 

It has personally been a gift - to focus my time and energy and channel creative efforts into a positive, exciting thing. It has kept me awake at night for good reasons, rather than time spent tossing and turning and fretting and fraying (although there has been a fair share of that, too). 

I have always said that while the rest of my family is entrepreneurial, I could never start a business because I would probably give everything away, and then some. So here I am, in public education instead as a speech language pathologist. Living out a real-world crash course in marketing during widespread crisis is especially cringe-inducing to me. I BELIEVE in the products I have created, but gosh, I personally know so many people affected. Job loss, illness, and uncertainty are all around. 

COMMUNICATION is what drives me, not sales. Connection... inspiration... learning, all shaped through meaningful communication. I am a fierce advocate of my students - and of other individuals within the periphery of my field - that EVERYONE has a right to communication. 

Everyone also has a right to read, and learn, and experience joy as well. Happy mail is a great way to bring a smile in the midst of hard times, even if it can't fix everything else. For every 10 Sparkl Boxes sold, 1 will be donated to a family impacted by the COVID19 crisis.

Sharing, promoting, and interacting with social media accounts may boost sales and allow for more requests to be fulfilled.

With love, 


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